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Woodman Idle Tycoon


Let your wooden characters earn money for you!

🌲 Madness for making money 🌲
Embark on a journey to financial conquest, watching your wooden heroes turn idle moments into gold mines. Become the greatest tycoon by mastering the art of inaction modeling and money management!

💰 Push, look, prosper 💰
Experience the thrill of an idle miner’s lifestyle without breaking a sweat! Just tap and watch as your wooden team works tirelessly to earn you a ton of money. No matter if you are an enthusiast of idle games or a fan of tycoons, this is the perfect money game for you!

🏦 Build your idle tycoon Woodman empire 🏦
Expand your empire by strategically investing your earnings. Grow your business, unlock new characters and upgrade your assets to dramatically increase your wealth. The world of idle simulator belongs to you!