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Stickman побег школа супер

Stickman escape school super

The first part of the game is about escaping from school.
You will have to help the student Stickman escape using various items that you will find in the classroom.
You will enjoy the beautiful animation and a fun story. :)

Stickman school escape 2

You have to play again for the schoolboy stick, but in this part you will have a choice-to complete all the lessons
and become a favorite of the Director or find a way to escape from school.
You have to solve interesting puzzles and play mini-games to complete the game.
The game will be items from the box, which will be useful for you to escape,
but you should also look for another way to complete the game without escaping from school :)

Stickman school escape 3

The new adventures of Stickman student. This time, he fell asleep in class and woke up alone at night at school.
More precisely, not quite alone - a strange teacher wanders around the school, from whom it is better to stay away.
Try to escape from school and not be caught by the teacher.
You will have to solve puzzles and choose ways to escape. Especially attentive players will find a secret escape! Good luck :)

Stickman school escape 4

New Stickman adventures! You have been enrolled in the Stikwartz School of Magic and Wizardry.
You will have a choice - to become a wizard and sorcerer, passing all the tests or escape from school.
This time, special magic items are available to escape from the school.
If you decide to take a risk and pass the training, then you will find interesting puzzles and challenges.
Also, the game has special secrets - try to find them :)