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Pop Rings: Color Puzzle


A fun and addictive game in the style of tic-tac-toe, in which you need to arrange rings of the same color on a grid so that they burst and score points. The catch is that there can be more than two rings of different colors in the same place.

Drag the rings to the desired position or even on top of each other – enter the 3rd dimension! The further you advance, the more colors appear, and you rise in the ranking compared to your friends. Consecutive explosions of three identical symbols in a row activate point multipliers!

Have fun with this beautiful and intuitive puzzle of colored circles and stacks. Up to 3 rings of different sizes and colors can be placed in one place. Form a line – horizontally, vertically or diagonally – or a full stack of 3 rings of the same color and BLOW!!! They will explode and push you up on the scoreboard!