Noob Tower Defense

A fun game about the School of Monsters in the style of Tower Defense. Build traps and towers of Noob, Pro, God and Princess vs zombies. Watch the monster school video after EVERY level. Get coins after killing zombies. Build additional towers and craft traps with the coins you receive. Protect the School of Monsters from Cheater Trolling Noob vs Pro vs Cheater vs God style game. Noob will have to fight the main monster – a giant brain created by the Cheater. It’s time to expel all the zombies from the school!
Upgrade heroes: Noob, Pro, God and Princess to take revenge on Cheater
-Set traps and blow up zombies
-Aim and shoot zombies WASD or Mobile control
-Open lucky blocks and get prizes
-Build towers and traps for zombie monsters
-Watch funny videos about Noob, Pro, Hacker, God and Princess