July 22, 2023AdventureHorror

Backrooms Escape


If you are not careful enough, you can get into a place called “Backrooms Escape”. So says the urban legend (сreepypasta).

It’s an endless maze of yellow office spaces, where the smell of wet carpet and buzzing fluorescent lights. As the сreepypasta says, this place consists of levels and floors. You are on one of these levels and you need to survive and escape from there.

Someone is watching you and will prevent your escape. No one knows if it’s a monster or a ghost, just try to survive in these rooms.

Can you find a way out? Be careful and look around. This scary adventure will make you feel fear not only from the monstrous loneliness of these yellow walls, but also from the monsters that may live here.

No one knows how many rooms and corridors there are and whether it is possible to find a way out. Look around for items, maybe they will help you escape from the Backrooms.