July 23, 2023ArcadeKids

Alphabet Lore Maze


Alphabet Lore Maze is an exciting puzzle game that will help develop the struggle of minds and learn the letters of the alphabet. In this educational game you will explore the maze, defeating monsters, teddy bear and letter creatures.

Choose characters from the collection that include Huggy, Teddy Bear, Harry and many other unique characters. To get out of the maze, you need to choose rooms with a smaller number than yours and avoid monsters larger than your level.

– Learn the letters of the alphabet from A to Z, to get out of the maze, choose one of the letters.

– The siren’s head. The legend is the same as Slenderman and Rack! Choose sirenhead, combine it with others and smash the enemies!

– Huggy-Waggy. Drag Hagi Wagi onto another to increase his strength.

– Scary Train Choo Choo Charlie and Wensday and Nubik in one game. Team up and fight with other letters of the Alphabet Lord